The trade routes from the East have been flooded recently with stories of roadside attacks. Caravans of all sizes are being ambushed leaving merchants without a means to provide for their families and travelers of all sorts nervous to venture outside of city walls after dark. The remains of looted, mutilated corpses are found floating down rivers, piled at the bottom of small ravines, or stuffed down wells not far from the road’s edge. Hunter’s have noticed fewer game in the area and small livestock have been reported missing from several farms.

Local authorities have sent out scouting parties from Gayle, most of which come back empty handed. The remainder usually return as bloated, bobbing mounds of flesh, pulled by the current into the harbors where they tend to tangle in fishing nets and cause unrest amongst the fisherman and dock workers.

The guards will not leave the safety of the city for fear that their families will be attacked during their absence. No response to the citizen’s pleas for help has come from any neighboring town except for the occasional lone mercenary, most of whom leave as quickly as they arrive once they see what is store for them.

An old knight, whose days of battle are well behind him, governs Gayle and has organized a small band of brave souls to venture east out of the city and find whoever is responsible for such horrible deeds and bring them to justice.

You are one of these brave souls…

An Unwelcome Reclamation

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