An Unwelcome Reclamation

The gas that just passed...

After regrouping, the Party followed the gas cloud into the forest until they lost sight of it around the edge of a ravine. Eogond scouted ahead and found a small cave entrance, the Party grouped up and headed down the dark tunnel. Zoltan chanted and a brilliant light appeared in the tunnel, much to Quinn’s disappointment as he was quite stealthily sneaking down the tunnel towards an old wooden door at the end until he was bathed in light.

With subtlety out the door, Velkanaar and Balasar clanked towards the door where they could hear human voices from the other side. The dialect was similar to the one they had heard from the tribesmen outside, but after listening a bit closer, they could tell it was indeed a different language altogether. Balasar was growing impatient, and he shouted something about smashing down the door. The tribesmen on the other side heard this and sprung a trap on the adventurers after reinforcing the door. The Party eventually broke through the door into a small room with a door at each end and fought with the four men guarding the entrance. A badly beaten survivor escaped down the hallway and burst into another room before shouting an alarm.

Quickly following the escaped guard, our Party stumbled upon a group of eight men, and their wounded foe, in a room that was obviously the sleeping area for these men. The narrow doorway made the fight difficult, as only one adventurer was able to enter the room at a time, and they were often blocked by the groggy men wielding a variety of clubs and pans from nearby fire pits. The Party backed out of the room and let the tribesmen come to them, easily picking them off one at a time.

After inspecting the room and resting for a few minutes, the Party turned their attention to a large door at the end of the hall. After Quinn made quick work of the lock, they saw a small hallway with another much older door just a few feet ahead. The second door was unlocked and the party entered a very large room with ornately carved floors and walls, spotted with torches. Upon entering the room, all but Zoltan were taken back by the horrible smell of rotting flesh. At the back corner, the room was no longer worked masonry, but the rough stone of an old cave. In the center was an altar surrounded by four dim torches. On the altar lay the old man from outside. As the group slowly advanced on the man, he appeared to once again vanish in a cloud of gas that disappeared into the dimly lit room.

Velkanaar advanced towards the altar as the door behind the Party suddenly slams shut and the sound of a lock being turned can be heard as well. The floor is covered with a thick goo that appears to be the remains of countless humans.

As the Party inspects the altar, they are attacked by an ogre-like creature wielding a morning-star and occasionally blasting the adventurers with a powerful breath weapon that renders its victims unconscious. A battle rages and the Party narrowly escapes the same fate held by those covering the ground. The demon tries to escape with its last breath but is cut down before it can make it towards the door.



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