An Unwelcome Reclamation

A Buoy Named Sue

The Tavern…

At the Hart and Tail Tavern, spirits were high and tempers were hot when a citizen of Gayle accused local guards of negligence that lead to the death of his young daughter Sue, who’s remains were found floating in a ditch near the northeast end of Gayle. A fight began between guards and the citizen before it was broken up by a several patrons at the bar. Balasar and Velkanaar, along with their two companions attempted to stop the fight using more-or-less diplomatic means while Eogond managed to distract the most violent looking guard with a swift trip and a pint of ale. Quinn procured a new purse and nearly gained a free ride on the back of a distracted guard, but the combination of the ale he had enjoyed and a slippery table robbed him of this and he simply made a mess. Zoltan enjoyed a light snack of various foods levitated from neighboring tables while everyone was distracted. Eventually, Velkanaar was able to calm the citizen by lifting him clear off the ground and Balasar convinced him to carry his daughter’s remains home so that they may all give her a proper burial, and then search for whatever evil is responsible. The man agrees and the guards eventually go back to their drinks.

The Citizen’s home…

The man leads our adventurers to his home in the northeast end of Gayle where he invites them to stay for the night to repay them for their kindness. Everyone agrees that it would be best to get a good night’s rest before heading out at dawn for the burial and to search for the killer.

The Funeral…

At dawn, the party follows the grieving father to his family’s burial plot deep in the forest near Gayle. On the way he points out the path that he believes will lead our adventurers to some clues about what is happening. He tells how he has seen several of the scouts that have disappeared heading down this path just before they go missing. He then leads them took a small clearing with several tombstones, some that appear to be hundreds of years old. After the ceremony, Balasar, Eogond, Quinn, Velkanaar, and Zoltan leave the man to mourn under the protection of the two young crusaders as they trek down the eastern path that could lead to some answers.

In Search of Answers…

After traveling for an hour or so, the party sees a large clearing ahead with four humanoid figures standing in the middle. Quinn sneaks through the high grass to get a better view while the rest wait just out of site behind the tree line. Eogond decided to move away from the group and quietly made his way to the Southern end of the clearing. While waiting for news from their halfling friend, both Balasar and Velkanaar sensed something and kept an uneasy eye on woods behind them while Zoltan watched the figures in the clearing. Quinn surprised everyone when he was able to crawl just a few feet from the figures, identifying them as four humans, one robed and carrying a small staff with charms and such dangling from it, that were obviously not from Gayle as they were speaking a strange dialect of common that he was unable to understand. He also noticed what they were standing around; an old man, beaten and barely alive. One of the tribal humans picked up the old man from the ground and held him as the robed figure inspected him like he was buying livestock. Eogond saw this and immediately drew his bow and stepped out in to the clearing shouting to the men to release the old man. The men readied their weapons and stood their ground as the robed figure waved his hand at the Ranger, trying to get him to leave without attempting to speak. Neither backed down and Zoltan was growing uneasy, preparing to make the tribal men regret any aggressive action towards his new friend. Quinn also prepared to make an attack on the tribesman that was guarding the old man. As the tribesmen slowly advanced on Eogond, a hidden strike from a bandit near the forests’ edge hits Zoltan, and Balasar turns to rush to his aid as Velkanaar lets out a fierce shout that nearly stops the tribesmen in their tracks. Zoltan manages to teleport into the clearing, away from immediate danger, and conjures a Freezing Cloud, surrounding two tribesmen and the robed figure in an icy mist. Eventually the Party was able to overcome the tribesmen and the only survivors fled into the woods. As they approached the spot where the old man had be laying, they saw no trace of him, only a thick cloud of mist moving towards the forest edge. Quinn hurries after, but stops to wait for the others to catch up when the mist disappears through the forest and into a ravine.


I need me an axe and wench with braids.

A Buoy Named Sue

Aye, in desperate times in woods with men, I’ll settle for an axe with braids.

A Buoy Named Sue

Just be sure to stay clear of any wenches with axes…

A Buoy Named Sue

But if you do, just grab a hold of ‘em by the braids.

A Buoy Named Sue

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